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Simple Trick to remember National parks

Small love story national parks in Uttarakhand
A boy named RAJA he went to propose his girl friend NANDA DEVI with FLOWERS but she rejected him because his body is too week he went to jim trainer JIM CORBETT trainer advice him to swimm river GANGA... he became strong and they married went to honeymoon Uttarakhand
Rajaji National Park
Nanda Devi National Park
Valley of Flowers National Park
Corbett National Park
Gangotri National Park

SINGAM Movie to remember 6 national parks in West bengal
There is a MARATI GURU(Guru mara) in west bengal he has seen the NEW(Neora) movie Singam(SINGALILA) and he is saying that JAIL(JALDAPARA) seen is Very Sunder(SUNDARBANS) and he spend 6 BUX(BUXA) dollars(Bux means dollar)
Gorumara National Park
Neora Valley National Park
Singalila National Park
Jaldapara National Park
Sunderban National Park
Buxa National Park
Tamil nadu 5 National parks
INDIRA GANDHI coming from Tamilnadu and she was shooted with Gun(GUINDY) by Gulf(GULF OF MANNER) peoples and it is written in a book Indira gandhi Murder(MUDUMALAI) and the book is reading by a girl Kruthi sanan(MUKURTHI)
Indira Gandhi (Annamalai) National Park
Guindy National Park
Gulf of Mannar Marine National Park
Mudumalai National Park
Mukurthi National Park
IPL Betting small story to remember Karnataka national parks
Mukesh ambani(KUNDREMUKH) and Shilpa shetty (ANSHI) started a road show with banners(BANNERGATTA) in banner it is written that Bettings are banned(BANDIPUR) in all Nagars(NAGARHOLE)
Kudremukh National Park
Anshi National Park
Bannerghatta National Park
Bandipur National Park
Rajiv Gandhi (Nagarahole) National Park
Kerala is famous for teachers how to remember national parks in KERALA
A Famous school in kerala which is inaugurated by Modi(ANAMODI) one day a Maths(MATHIKETTEM) teacher her name is Ramba(PAMBADUM) she started ask a question to a stundent name Ravi(ERAVIKULAM) the question is wat is the Perimeter(PERIYAR) of a square the answer Silent(SILENT VALLEY) his face is with innosent............
Assam national parks
A man(MANAS) name(NAMERI) Ranga(Kaziranga) he is the professer in Rajiv gandhi(RAJIV GANDHI) health university he is saying that maintain our body fit and young we should take dabar honey(DIBRU SAIKHOWA) do ASANAS(ASSAM) Regularly
Manas National Park
Nameri National Park
Kaziranga National Park
Rajiv Gandhi Orang National Park
Dibru-Saikhowa National Park

national parks
A Guru(Guru Ghasidas) seen a girl Indravathi(INDRAVATHI) while chating(CHATTISGARH) in class room so he was Anger(KANGER VALLEY)
Indravati (Kutru) National Park
Kanger Valley National Park
Guru Ghasi Das (Sanjay) National Park
National parks in Madya pradesh
A famous Author Indira priyadarshini(Priya Darshini.) on saturday (SATPURA) went to a movie Fanaa(PANNA) while she was coming hit by a Van(VAN VIHAR) so she was died because of her death Madya pradesh govt decide to Bandh(BANDAVAGARH) after her death her mother became Mad(MADHAV) so Sanjay dutt(SANJAY) and Mukesh khanna(KANHA) came to see her............
Bandhavgarh National Park
Kanha National Park
Madhav National Park
panna National Park
Pench (Priyadarshini) National Park
Sanjay National Park
Satpura National Park
Van Vihar National Park
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